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*Puppies can be reserved before they are born. We do not crop tails unless it is requested within 3 days of birth. Tails can also be cropped at time of spay or neutering. Some puppies have natural bob tails.

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We have pure breed Rat Terrier puppies for sale. As the Vice President of the NRTA (National Rat Terrier Association), my main concern is the genetic health history and temperament specific to the breed. Our dog's lines have been tested and are PLL clear (Eye disease). You will not find our dogs in any puppy store; puppy broker or breeders club. We have tracked and recorded our Rat Terrier health history for over 25years. We do not breed in crowded conditions or breed for wholesale and ship puppies or dogs around. We own the parents, grand parents and great grandparents. We tell you the truth about these dogs by temperament and size to the best of our knowledge. We are trying to change the cycle of irresponsible & inexperienced breeders to breeding the healthiest puppies possible. Our adult dogs are on the bottom of this page and we love them all. Rat terriers are fun, athletic, loyal , intelligent and lovable.

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Our puppies are socialized with other dogs and are friendly with people. Anyone can give a health guarantee and you can get new puppy or get a refund. With our outstanding health history, you are less likely to get a sick puppy. Our dogs' health lineage and pedigree is all documented and recorded with their pedigree papers dating back over 25yrs. This is something that back yard breeders and puppy mill breeders do not do. It is important for dogs breeding to be monitored over time so dogs are not bred with genetic defects. We carefully select our breeding dogs and know their health history and temperaments. Our puppies have been taught the basic understanding of the words "No", "Come Here", "Good girl/boy", "Do you want water?", "Do you want to eat?", "Do you want to go out?", "Wait" and "Goodnight". They are also paper trained. Many of our dogs can go on to be show dogs but our interest is in breeding healthy and well-adjusted family pets. You can be sure your puppy gets much TLC and the best of care. Rat terriers are similar to Russell terriers and Jack Russells but they are calmer. Some say Rat terriers are a best-kept secret. They are fun loving, loyal and intelligent dogs. They are very alert and love attention. They are always ready to play and they can be very funny. They will get spurts of energy, then lay around and watch TV with you. They are very entertaining and make loving companions. They are a perfect family dog and adapt to houses and apartments. Although they are terriers, they also have some characteristics of larger breeds. All Rat terriers have the same loyal instinct but some are a more active than others so please let us know what you are looking for. Even Carrie Underwood from American Idol has a Rat terrier that she has posed with. This puppy will bring much joy to your life! They are happy dogs. We believe the most important time in a dog's life is the environment they are in when they are puppies and we give them all love and attention. The AKC has just accepted the Rat terrier breed. Our dogs can be registered there with papers from the NRTA. The NRTA has helped the Rat terrier become a recognized breed because they were the first to implement standards based on their original heritage. Milton Decker is an honorary member of the NRTA and has been for at least 10 years. His work in creating the Decker Strain of Rat Terrier and sharing all his knowledge of them has been monumental in helping the NRTA keep the breed alive. Milton no longer breeds but his son Ellis Decker does also sits on the Board of Directors as a Regional Director.

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