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*Puppies can be reserved before they are born. Some puppies are born with natural bob tails and some with full tails. We do not crop tails unless it is requested within 3 days of birth. Tails can also be cropped at time of spay or neutering.

We have pure breed Rat Terrier puppies for sale. We have 7 generation's tracking the health of our dogs. Breeding for 12 years. Most breeders do not have this type of history. We ONLY breed Rat Terriers. Our main concern is the genetic health history and temperament specific to the breed. Your Vet bills will be minimal with our dogs. In addition, our dogs lines have been tested and are PLL clear (Eye disease). They are in the best of health and have pure white teeth. All of our puppies are guaranteed not to have a any genetic diseases. We do not have time to show our dogs' but they are all "our" champions. We do not focus on breeding the same looking dogs as show dog breeders do because many times they sacrifice their health and temperament. We take pride in producing Rat Terriers in their original form based on their health, temperament while preserving their heritage. You have a choice of different sizes; colors and some are stockier than others. We do not hold back or breed dogs for show or for other breeders. They are all high quality dogs. You will not find our dogs in any "puppy store", "puppy broker" or "online breeders club" or "online breeders store" as these puppies are usually shipped from wholesale breeders (Puppy mills-unhealthy puppy factory). They sell more than one breed and some are just extensions of puppy stores posing as breeders. These places have AKC dogs and that does not mean it's a well bred dog. They also sell mixed Rat teriers. Do not be fooled by this commercial industry. Reputable breeders do not sell to these places and do not sell for wholesale or sell mixed breeds. It is a misconseption that all mixed breeds are healthier. It is important to know the longterm history of each breeding dog to produce a healthy dog, otherwise you are taking a chance. There are also fraudulant pedigree papers. Those puppies are usually sold way below the going price and are from unknown people. We do not treat our dogs as livestock and we do not ship puppies. Shipping puppies can be fatal and affect their well-being. Some people stay in a local hotel to pick up their puppies. We are not far from Ferries (Cross sound or Port Jefferson) You can also call for special arrangements.
You can be sure your puppy has been well taken care of on a 24-7hr basis. This is a business built on the love of the breed. You will know exactly where your puppy was bred and raised and they are all handled with personal care. We have tracked and recorded our Rat Terrier health history lines for over 25yrs with 7 generations of pedigree, and that can only be done by using one registry.That is 25yrs of perfecting the lines. We use Coefficient Calculations of our dogs to further protect our puppies from the risk of defects and genetic health illnesses.
We don't just breed any pairs of dogs, but carefully study which ones would make the best dogs. We guarantee that our breeding dogs are in good health and have no genetic defects or any illnesses. DNA tests of our puppies have shown this. Dogs can have over 600 genetic diseases. While it is good to test for the 6 most common; breeders who track the health of their dogs is of most importance. We tell you the truth about these dogs by temperament and size to the best of our knowledge to help you decide which puppy would be best for you. Our adult dogs are on the bottom of this page and we love them all. Rat terriers are fun, athletic, loyal, intelligent and lovable. They are always happy to see you and will bring you much happiness. Our focus is on the long-term health of our dogs, not attractive advertising puppy packages just to make a sale. Vaccinations, wormers, love and attention are all they need and that is not costly. Major costs are not within the first year or two. Genetic diseases can happen later and are very costly. We have over 400 happy owners from all over the United States, spanning over 12yrs. with many References available.
I am happy to say that I have been the Vice president of the National Rat Terrier Association since 2014 helping the association to be the best Rat Terrier registry.

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It is important for the breeding process to be monitored over time to eliminate any problems. This is something that back yard breeders, puppy mill breeders, and pet store puppies to not do. We carefully select our breeding dogs and know their health history and temperaments. Our puppies have been taught the basic understanding of the words "No", "Come Here", "Good girl/boy", "Do you want water?", "Do you want to eat?", "Do you want to go out?", "Wait" and "Goodnight". They are also paper trained. The longer the puppy is with us, the more they learn. Rat terriers are similar to Russell terriers, Jack Russells and Min Pins but they are calmer. Some say Rat terriers are a best-kept secret. They are fun loving, loyal and intelligent dogs and are easily trained. They are a product of what you put into them. They are very alert and love attention. They are always ready to play and they can be very funny. They will get spurts of energy, then lay around and watch TV with you. They are very entertaining and make loving companions. Rat terriers a perfect family dogs that can adapt to houses and apartments and your lifestyle. Although they are terriers, they also have some characteristics of larger breeds. All Rat terriers have the same loyal instinct but some are a more active than others so please let us know what you are looking for. Carrie Underwood, Shirley MacLain, and Lou Reed & Laurrie Anderson (Contacted us for a movie) are among Rat Terrier owners. We were also contacted by Animal planet for a video "Too Cute" for a segment on their show. We believe the most important time in a dog's life is the environment they are in when they are puppies and we provide a clean and happy environment. Our dogs can compete in some AKC events (more on AKC) with papers from the NRTA. The NRTA has helped the Rat terrier become a recognized breed because they were the first to implement standards based on their original heritage. Milton Decker is an honorary member of the NRTA and has been for at least 12 years. His work in creating the Decker Strain of Rat Terrier and sharing all his knowledge of them has been monumental in helping the NRTA keep the breed alive. Milton no longer breeds but his son Ellis Decker does also sits on the Board of Directors as a Regional Director.
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