Dog and puppy registry awareness

There are many dog registries. Some of them are AKC, UKC, CKC, ACA, NAPR to name a few. There are so many uknown ones and found this way of fooling the public that they represent good dogs. Some are just political groups advertising their dogs. It is not expensive to register and track your dogs history. Some registries were created because the "original breeder" did not give breeding rights to breed their dogs. These registries will register any dog with a name and a picture. These are not reputable registries. There are many of them out there and it is confusing. Researching a registry and its reputation is important as well as finding a reputable breeder.

Dogs being sold with no papers for a bargain...

These puppies have no history and again, the original breeder did not give breeding rights. The person selling them is not following the correct and responsible practice of breeding. They cannot register them because of these issues. They are unknown dogs and have to be sold in bulk for them to make money. These breeders will sell you a less expensive dog just to sell many of them. They will tell you they are just selling pets and registries are for show dogs. This is so far from the truth. A registry tracks history of a breeder and their dogs. These people only care about selling dogs. They will never respond to you after the sale because they just don't care.


People who breed dogs for money...

Some people breed dogs to make puppies they want to keep. Lets face it, all breeders breed for money. It is not an easy thing to do but people think it is. If you never bred dogs, you will not know that they have to be cleaned up every few hrs to avoid sickness. They need good food, water, vaccinations, wormers some have to be taken to the vet if they are sick. They have to be monitored. It takes dedication to breed dogs and these one time breeders usually don't breed for long. There are so many things that go into breeding good healthy dogs. A dedicated breeder with references and history who is involved with a reputable registry is a better way to find a puppy. Many customers will search for the best price. That has nothing to do with the health of the dogs. You can get a good price and then spend a lot of time at the veterinarian. Veterinarians are getting rich on sick dogs from random people breeding, rescues and puppy mills.

Gemsrats has become aware of these practices through many years of breeding. We have come across so many problems in this industry.