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Rat Terrier puppies

** Rat Terrier puppies for sale TN **
Rat Terrier breeder formerly from NY.
"We we sell your new family member
and best friend"
We guarantee they do not have any fatal or genetic diseases. Rat Terrier breed (pure breed) with 20 years experience & 9 generations. Most breeders do not have this kind of history. We also know the temperaments of our puppies and intereact with them. Our dogs have no strange allergies, sicknesses or skin conditions. There is a science to breeding dogs. Careful breeding with history is the key. See the bottom of the page for more information. We have owners with 2,3 and 4 of our puppies. Call for arrangements to pick up your puppy.

Breeder of Exellence Award

Call Janet at (631) 834-6376, Shelbyville, TN

We have puppies available at different ages. Keep in mind that puppies will be puppies until they are 2 years old. Some have been reduced to 900 and have taught them the basics. Be sure to scroll down to see them all!

Jolene & Storm Rider Born 3/21 to go home 5/16. Pictures below.

Male black tri. below with two views. Natural bob tail. He is calico meaning chocolate will show through his black, Adult size 16lbs
Female black tricolor. Natural bob tail. Two views below Adult size 14lbs
Male black triclor. Natural short tail with white tip. Two views below. Adult size 16lbs.
Male lemon apricot. You can see a hint of his apricot coming in. It gets darker as he grows. Most breeders do not have this color. He has a full tail.
Two views below. Adult size 16lbs.
Male lemon apricot. Natural button tail. You can see some of his color that will get darker. Most breeders do not have this color. Two views below. Adult size 16lbs.

More older puppies ready to go home below...

Amber Blaze & Storm Rider Chocolate tricolor with natural bob tail. Born Sept.13th to go home now. Aprox. size 20lbs. He is potty trained. He likes to walk in the park, gets along with other dogs. He likes to be held and is a sweetheart. He has learned words: No,come here,stop,want to go out?, good boy,wait,sit,down. He has beautiful eyes and a widows peak. He has all vaccinations and needs only Rabies shot. Two views of him below. We have reduced him to $700 since he is 7 months old. We did most of the clean up! Head start for you.
New video Video of this puppy


Jessie Girl & Storm Rider Puppies born Dec. 15th Aprox adult size 18-22lbs. Click on the parents names to see them. These puppies have been reduced to 900 they are usually 1200. Please keep in mind that the longer they are here, the more they learn. They are at the perfect age for training now. It takes from 4-7 months to potty train a puppy and they are still puppies until about 2yrs old.

Video of these puppies playing with kids!

Male chocolate tri. with natural bob tail.Two views below. He is sweet and active. 18lbs full grown.
Video of this puppy

rat terrier puppy for sale

Female chocolate tri. with tail. Two views below. She loves to play and is active. 18lbs full grown
Video of this puppy

Female chocolate tri. natural bob tail. Two views below. Aprox 14lbs full grown. She is fast and very smart. Loveable and loves attention. She's a lot of fun.
Video of this puppy

Male chocolate tri. with tail. Two views below. 18-20lbs full grown. Active and loves to play.
Video of this puppy


See below for pricing and information to reserve a puppy. Contact us at for questions and to reserve a puppy and to make arrangements to pick up your puppy.



Everyone has their own preference as to size, color, gender and temperament. A $200 non-refundable deposit will reserve a puppy for pick up at a minimum of 8 weeks old. You will get photo and/or video updates and watch them grow. There is a link above to see our puppies that are full grown thanks to owners who keep in touch with us. Our puppies are cared for in our home 24/7. All puppies are $1,200 including tax and will have 5 vaccinations, dewclaws removed, de-wormed and have pure breed papers. We give a 3 day supply of food. We have harnesses, leashes and jackets available that will fit your puppy in case you need them. Just let us know.

***NEW PUPPY 8x10 PHOTO KEEPSAKE PUPPY BOOK*** This hardcover book includes professional pictures of parents, mother with litter newborns & puppy pictures from stages of your puppies growth since birth. $100.

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