GEMS RAT TERRIERS-Conditions of Sale

Shelbyville, TN. 37160

We have over 300 happy owners spanning over 10 years. This contract protects the seller and buyer.
In short this contract states that we cannot be responsible for something we did not cause.


A licensed Veterinarian examination and fecal test required within 14days of this sale. Once the puppy leaves here, the purchaser assumes full responsibility for this puppy from that day on. If the purchaser believes the dog has a genetic disease or life threatening illness, the purchaser must provide a diagnosis, vaccination and fecal test report from a licensed veterinarian within the time frame allowed. The seller will, at the seller's discretion, either refund the purchase price, or exchange the dog for another dog of equal value when available. The seller is not responsible for any veterinary bills. We guarantee our breeding dogs are in the best of health and have no genetic defects or any other illnesses.

Failure to have the dog examined by a licensed veterinarian within 14 days of this sale voids the warrantee. Negligence, failure to medically treat or vaccinate the puppy, environmental problems and accidents are not covered. We do not cover reactions due to vaccinations, medications, treats or food. The owner is responsible to create a safe environment and to properly train this puppy. In addition, this puppy cannot come in contact with any dogs or go outside until properly vaccinated as per advice of your local veterinarian. Please wait as long as you can for vaccinations and space them at least 3 weeks apart. There is no guarantee if this dog will be good for breeding or of show quality. The purchaser agrees to never sell or give this dog to any pet shop, pet farm, shelter, puppy mill or similar institution. In addition, purchaser agrees not to inbreed these dogs. The seller retains first right of refusal if this animal is to be sold or placed.